Intern Program

The Pleiades Theatre Company’s Intern program is designed to provide young women grades 9-12 with an opportunity to work directly with theatre professionals in the areas of sound, lighting, stage-management, marketing, props and costumes. Potential interns should demonstrate an active interest in one of the above fields of theatre; experience in a particular field is not mandatory. Each intern is assigned to a professional mentor for the duration of a production.

Benefits to the Intern:

  • Interns will receive a small stipend for their internship
  • Interns will garner a professional theatre credit for their resume
  • With sufficient notice, Pleiades will work with the intern’s school to provide an experience that can translate into a service-learning credit
  • Interns will receive meals at load-in and the two-performance Saturday

Expectations of the Intern:

  • All interns MUST be available from load-in to strike; typically a two week commitment from all-day Sunday load-in to strike after the final Sunday matinee
  • All interns MUST be willing to work during a 3-5 week rehearsal period prior to load-in, times to be arranged with the intern’s mentor. Note: different internships require different time commitments during this period.
  • Interns MUST be prepared for late hours during tech week (typically Monday-Wednesday following load-in), knowing that these are typically school nights. Pleiades guarantees that no intern will be kept later than 11:00p.m. at any rehearsal.
  • Interns should be prepared to arrange their own transportation to rehearsals and performances; Pleiades can provide a travel allowance on a needs-based assessment.

Outcomes for the Intern:

  • Interns will work one-on-one with a professional mentor, and interact with the full production team
  • Interns will learn about one production area per internship (repeat internships possible.)
  • Interns will be taught how to operate sound and light equipment appropriately.
  • Interns will work in a professionally equipped and managed theatre space.
  • Interns should be able to apply their experience with Pleiades to future productions in other venues.

How to apply for a Pleiades internship:

  • Print the application [This is a pdf file and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]
  • Fill out the application and be sure to include:
    • a brief statement of why you wish to undertake an internship
    • in which field(s) you are interested
    • a statement of availability for the current season
    • a resume of any production experience
    • your contact information, including:
      • email address
      • cellphone/pager number/home phone
      • home address (including zip code)
  • Mail the application to:
    • Pleiaders Theatre Company
      P.O. Box 983,
      Louisville, KY 40201-0983